AKA V11 - FOR SALE (Sold!)

This Locost 7 (Lotus Seven inspired) sports car was built in 2000/2001 by myself and a friend in our spare time. The car was completed and SVA'd allowing registration for road use (note the 1980 W registration plates relating to the Escort donor). The car was used for a couple of years, but thanks to other projects, the tax / MOT expired in October 2003. The car does need a bit of TLC to get it back into regular use, but at least you don't need to worry about the SVA, as you would with an unfinished car! The build cost was in excess of £5500! The V5 is present and correct (in my friend's name). The make of the car is AKA and the model of the car is V11 (Also Known As Seven). Obviously the car is currently SORN'd.

The specification:

Chassis: ‘Locost’ designed by Ron Champion, built by John Grindle,  CDS rollbar & supports to floor, all powder coated in red.
Body: Fibre glass nosecone, front & rear wings. Aluminium sides, back, bonnet & scuttle. Steel floor. Robin Hood 2B windscreen. Professional spray in black.
Engine: Ford 1600 cross flow (Mk2 Escort), +0.030" rebore, Weber 40 DCOE side draught carb and K&N filter, twin cam dizzy & side exit cap, electronic ignition, 55 amp alternator, modified Ford exhaust manifold, large stainless steel side pipe & box.
Cooling: Renault Clio aluminium radiator, Rover V6 fan, Land Rover 90 brass header tank
Transmission: Sierra type 9 5 speed gearbox, Escort Mk2 axle, custom propshaft, clutch: Talbot Sunbeam friction plate, Escort MK2 cover plate, Sierra release bearing, Escort cable.
Steering: Modified Sierra column, Escort Mk2 rack, Cortina Mk4 front hubs.
Suspension: Double wishbone at front and radius arms / panhard rod at rear. Coil over shocks, front: 225lb/in, rear: 220lb/in.
Brakes: Cortina discs & kevlar pads at front with standard drums at rear, Escort master cylinder with remote reservoir, stainless steel braided hoses.
Wheels/Tyres: 15" 7 Spoke alloy (XR4x4/RS Turbo) / 195/50R15
ICE: JVC KS220 head unit with 12 disc CD changer, 180W Kenwood 6" x 9" & 130W Kenwood 16cm speakers
Misc. Electronic speedometer, twin horns, lockable boot, Kawasaki wing mirrors, Caterham 7 grill, Caterham rocker cover, Caterham aluminium fuel tank, new Bosch battery, FIA kill switch, weighs just over 600KG!

The car provides a pure driving experience, with the wind in your hair, sharp steering, excellent cornering, good acceleration and braking. You're sat about 6 inches off the road, four point harnesses holding you tight. With the long bonnet reaching out in front and only the rear wheels behind, you're perfectly placed to read the road and control the car. All of the switches fall easily to hand, with conventional stalks on the steering column, and supplementary switches along the centre console. The dished  centre console also provides much needed storage for your phone & shades! The simple Ford cross flow engine is very willing, making a terrific noise sucking in air through the exposed K&N filter, and blowing it out through the large stainless steel exhaust. And if that's not enough to satisfy your ears, the sound system sounds amazing - with two very high quality 6x9s just behind the seats and two equally high quality 6" speakers facing you from the dash board. The 12 CD changer is mounted by the battery, under the bonnet, and never skips or bumps. In the boot of the car is a basic tool kit (you never know!!) and puncture repair spray as there's no spare wheel. There's also a full size waterproof cover for storage. The car has provided us with hours of entertainment, driving to circuits to watch the Locost racing etc. We've found it particularly good fun driving it at night, when the roads are quiet, streets are deserted - it's kind of surreal! We'll be very sad to see it go, however, lack of spare time and new house force us to sell it.

The engine starts and runs OK and the car can be driven. The lights and other electrics all work OK. To pass an MOT Test the car does need all 6 of the ball joints replacing as the rubber seals have perished through lack of use. These are the lower wishbone ball joint (Cortina), upper wishbone ball joints (Transit) and the track rod ends (Escort) - about £30 - £40 for the lot, plus a few hours to fit. The hand brake needs attention, it's always got through the tests, but it's not working at all now! There may be other problems I don't know about, but it has been MOT'd in the past (certificates available). The front tyres don't have much tread left (they are legal). The rear tyres were new in 2000, have done very few miles. The car runs on LRP Petrol, not unleaded, though this can obviously be changed by the new owner. We have the instructions for all the things that came with instructions, including the alarm fitted, FIA kill switch, electronic ignition, etc.

I would anticipate an enthusiastic new owner having the car ready for the MOT after a weekend or two of tinkering / servicing. Obviously this kind of car needs more looking after than a modern saloon car, and as a one-off build you can't take it to the main dealer! On the other hand these are very simple basic cars (there's no complicated ECUs) and everything can be done by a DIY mechanic. As I said before, the engine starts and runs OK and the car can be driven. However, it hasn't been driven on the road for a couple of years, and has no tax or MOT, so is Sold As Seen and will require a trailer / recovery vehicle to take it away.

Please have a look at the photos, which are also available in full resolution at www.akav11.info and feel free to ask questions...

Located very close to M1 / M62 interchange just south of Leeds, West Yorkshire... Payment in cash only, no paypal / cheques / etc.

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