Locost History

The Locost is a replica of the 'Lotus 7' designed by Colin Chapman. The crucial difference between this 7 replica and the kit cars available is that there is NO kit. Just a 'book' of instructions titled "Build Your Own Sports Car for as little as 250" written by Ron Champion, and published by Haynes.

Commentator Raymond Baxter talks to Colin Chapman (centre) and Mike Hawthorne (right) at Goodwood, Whitsun 1956.

This is a joint project between Andy and Myself. You can read more about us on the 'Builder Profile' page. We discovered the Locost when CCC published an article about the racing series. The idea appealed to us both, though for the road rather than just racing. We previously planned to build a 'Stock Hatch' for Hillclimbs and Sprints. We never got past the purchase and restoration of a suitable car trailler, although we did come up with our team name - AKA. When a donor car for the Locost ended up in our possession we just had to have a go!

The DVLA need a 'make and model' to describe the car when you apply for registration. There is no way we're having 'Locost' on the log book with what we've spent and Caterham will sue you if you use 7 so our make is: AKA and the model is: V11. This isn't at all supposed to 7 in roman numerals!

You can see on the photos below, that the concept of the 7 is very, very old! Note the De Dion rear set-up, and inboard disc brakes...