Locost Motor Sport 2

To give you an idea of the performance of the 1300 x-flow Locosts I have done a quick chart of the average speed of the race winner in each of the races at Cadwell over the weekend. There was some rain on Sunday, which is why Locost Race 2 was so much slower than Locost Race 1!

Locosts at Cadwell Park, 1 & 2 September 2001

On the grid ready to go....

The rush down the start / finish straight into Coppice for the first time...

Kevin Lucas turns to climb the Mountain

The well prepared car of Kevin Lucas following an earlier altercation - note the cosmetic surgery on the nosecone - very neat work with the gaffer tape!

Alex Eacock's bright example

The best liveried car for me, Ged Sidnell's "John Player Special" inspired Locost

The "Slow" race on Sunday

Derek Linley on his way down Park Straight.

Even a 1300 x-flow is enough to throw out the back end as James Davies discovered on the exit of Charlies!

The fast race on Sunday follewed some lunch time rain...

Alex Hughes spins into Erik Fairbairn exiting "Charlies"

Erik Fairbairn comes to a halt facing the wrong way on Park Straight. - Alex Hughes retired with no bonnet or nosecone!